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Kids and Contact Lenses

Do Your Kids Want Contact Lenses?

There is no age cut-off when it comes to contact lenses. By 7 or 8 most children have the fine motor skills to successfully handle lenses. Beyond that, what is necessary is motivation and certain degree of responsibility; neither of which has anything to do with age. I’ve dealt with 8 year olds who are meticulous and department heads at Tech who are totally irresponsible. With the popularity and affordability of today’s best lenses, especially daily disposables, wearing contact lenses can be stress-free and esteem enhancing.

Learning how to insert and remove lenses can be frustrating. Our staff at Dr. Steve Jacobs in Blacksburg, VA will work individually with your child and take the time to see that this important skill is learned well and that the experience is positive. It’s not uncommon to hear Amanda and a new wearer marching through the office on a victory lap to celebrate the first success.


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