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Located on North Main Street across from the Va. Tech campus

Located on North Main Street across from the Va. Tech campus



braintap headphonesWe are thrilled to introduce BrainTap – an auditory-visual brain wave entrainment gizmo that’s basically a mini-spa treatment for the mind and spirit.

The first time I experienced it, I knew this was something very special. Fifteen minutes and it felt like I’d had a weekend long relaxing getaway. The first 5 minutes were OK, but then the mind opens, the breath deepens, the muscles release and the remainder of the session feels like it should go on forever.

The power of BrainTap lies in three components: A) the device itself – providing programmed coordination of lights and sound to stimulate specific brain wave patterns associated with attention, calm reflection, or deep relaxation; B) the use of selected guided meditations to enhance and positively leverage these brain states; and C) numerous modules of thematically related sessions to reinforce and strengthen positive behavioral and psychological change.

Is stress interfering with your optimal performance? Do you have difficulty sustaining concentration and staying on task? Forty five unique sessions can be found in the “Stress-Free Me” module, ranging from “Meditation and Relaxation for a Peaceful Heart”, to “Allowing a Life of Health and Abundance”, to “Transforming Procrastination into Total Motivation”.
Other modules include “Wake-Up”, “Children and Learning”, “Weight Wellness”, “Go To Sleep”, and “Optimal Health” as examples.

Within each module, sessions may provide motivational guidance along with optimized light and sound patterns to stimulate specific brain activity, or be devoid of words, relying solely on the power of visual and aural cues to place the brain in its best spot.

This technology is so effective and so pleasant we’re sure you’ll want it to be a part of your weekly wellness practice. What better way to see if we’re right than to try it out for yourself. Give us a call and we’ll set up a time for up to two free sessions. The first will be an introductory 10-15 minute BrainTap journey to familiarize you with this transformative technology. Your second session offers any of the 100s of titles available. Once you decide to continue on a regular basis, our staff will work with you to develop a personalized program to attain your goals. Sessions are available on an individual “pay-as-you-go” basis for $20 each, or as a package of 10 for $150, offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings and all day Wednesday and Friday.

While using the headset is the most powerful way to experience BrainTap, listening to the guided meditations gives a good idea how motivating positive language can be! We encourage you to come in for a complete experience, but we are also happy to offer a free 15 day trial allowing unlimited access to all sessions thru a phone app. If you find this as beneficial as we think you will, you may be interested in subscribing for daily at home use to complement once or twice weekly in-office sessions with the head set.

For those preferring regular use in the privacy of their homes, headsets are available to purchase or to rent, and even on a rent-to-own basis.

Experience the extraordinary in mindful relaxation and peace. Experience a free session and you’ll leave with a smile on your face. Experience how you can feel calmer and more focused than you thought easily possible. Experience BrainTap!!!