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Happy March 2020!

Spring is here (almost!)

Happy March from Drs. Jacobs, Steckenrider & staff!

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Well, it’s allergy season, and there’s some great news for those of you who struggle with constantly itchy eyes every spring! Pataday, one of the best anti-allergy eye drops available has just been approved for over-the-counter sales beginning in March 2020! This is great news, because you’ll no longer need to hassle with insurance and prescriptions to get the benefits of this helpful little drop. If you’ve never heard of it, you can learn more here.

“Would you like your eyes with that?”
We often talk about links between nutrition and eye-brain-body health. More research is showing that an unhealthy diet can triple the risk of vision loss from advanced AMD (age-related macular degeneration). Go for the salmon and roasted veggies instead… or the roasted veggies and a 3 bean salad!!!

Hope for Eye Health in Diabetics
Diabetes is another disease which can wreak havoc on the eyes. It is also a disease that can be controlled by diet, but it does take effort. Fortunately, new research is showing that with that effort, cell function can be returned to all but normal, reducing risk to the eyes and the rest of the body!

A word of caution for men…
On a different health-related note, studies are finding that Viagra can cause temporary color-blindness, and other issues with vision. Apparently, an enzyme the drug affects is closely connected to photoreceptors in the yes. Learn more here!

And on a final health note: be sure to wash your hands! As health professionals, we take the spread of Covid-19 (the new coronavirus) very seriously. With no known infections anywhere close to Blacksburg at this time, we’re continuing business as usual, but we’ll be taking extra precautions around sanitization, and we encourage you to do the same! If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a link to the CDC’s page with all the information you need on how to take care of yourself.


We’ll soon be “Eyes on Main”! And that’s not the only news... please offer a warm welcome to Dr. Mike Gowen.

From Dr. J:

I opened my office in 1990 – That’s 30 years coming up on August 1st!!   In some ways it feels like yesterday, and in others, like forever.  Along with so much else that has changed this year, one more occasion is on the horizon.  I am excited to announce that I am selling my practice to Dr. Mike Gowen.  Dr. G and his wife, SallyAnn, met at Virginia Tech close to 40 years ago. They have been proud and loud Hokies ever since and dreamed of returning to live in Blacksburg.  Both are strong supporters of the arts, athletics and the civic engagement that make this a very special place to live, work and play!

I am thrilled to be handing the baton to a doctor who believes as I do in community service. Plus, he is laser focused also on individualized patient care, personal and professional intellectual advancement and enjoying the good things and kind people who come along every day.

Better yet, I’m not going anywhere!  I will continue seeing patients, focusing on visual rehab for those suffering from concussions/TBI, working to control the progression and consequences of nearsightedness through orthokeratology and other treatments, and counseling all regarding the inter-relation of the eyes, brain and body, along with the importance of nutrition, exercise and mental well-being.  There’s so much I yet want to learn and do, and now I won’t have to worry about arguing with insurance companies.  I’m excited!

From Dr. G:

It’s impossible to express how pleased I am to be moving to Blacksburg. It has long been the dream of my wife and I to become a part of this unique town, where we met as Virginia Tech students and continued to frequent as alumni.    I look forward to the privilege of serving the people of Blacksburg and bringing my lifetime of experience in the field of eye care to serve one and all. I'm delighted that Dr. Steve Jacobs will remain with the practice, which will now be “EYES on Main.” I consider it a great privilege to continue the exemplary patient care and community service that Dr. Jacobs has and will continue to provide to the New River Valley. Together we will serve the Blacksburg community with the same culture of care and community involvement that has always been a part of this practice.

 More updates to follow.  Send us a message or give us a call with questions, comments, or to set up an appointment.

We can always be reached at 540-953-0136!

Sincerely,Dr. J, Dr. S, Dr. G & staff