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Happy February 2020!

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Happy February And Happy Valentine’s Day from Dr. J & staff. We hope your heart is feeling especially full of love today!

Even though it’s been cold and rainy, we’re happy to be seeing a little bit of light return every day.

And on that note, here’s some other good news, also involving the power of the light: Researchers are exploring the use of green light to reduce pain, and in particular, chronic migraines.

Though there’s not enough evidence to prove anything yet, this news is exciting because many pain meds have negative side effects–but light seems to have none at all.

green light
blue filter

Other colors (wavelengths) may be helpful for other conditions, too. Blue light is involved setting our internal clocks. This can create problems when exposure is with phones/tablets shortly before bedtime, reducing a sleep hormone, but maybe good (especially post-concussion) to kick-start rhythms early in the day with the use of specific devices.

We also find blue filters reduce eyestrain and other visual symptoms for our mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) patients.

in front of devices

February often means more time indoors which often means more time in front of a device. Combine that with lower humidity and you have a great recipe for dry, irritated eyes. Dry eye is more than a minor inconvenience, impacting eye health and quality of life especially as one gets older. Knowing more about its causes and treatments can keep your eyes sparkling and your face smiling.

We’re still rolling out BrainTap and will soon begin offering free trial sessions in the reception area. Look for our binder listing hundreds of titles available and try one out.

We’ll be the first office where you want the Doctor to be running behind!!


Thanks for reading, and for being with us! See you next month!

Dr. J, Dr. S, & staff