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Happy January 2020!

It’s 2020!!

Happy New Year from Drs. Jacobs, Steckenrider & staff!

Trunk Show Thank You

We want to thank everyone who came out for our Trunk Show in November. It wasn’t our busiest, but thanks to various donations and our match, NRV Cares and VICCC each received close to $500 to further their worthy goals. Way to go, and thanks again!

“Seeing the Light”

Did you know that by the second trimester, long before a baby’s eyes can see images, they can detect light? New research is teaching scientists more about a special class of light-sensitive cell found in babies from early stages of development, which plays a big role in several important physiological functions. Read more here!

And now…. BrainTap!

If you’ve been in the office recently, you may have heard about it: our light & visuals-based stress relief therapy! BrainTap uses lights and sounds to create a mini-spa treatment for the mind and spirit, a process known as auditory-visual brain wave entrainment. Fifteen minutes and you’ll feel like you had a weekend relaxing getaway. Our website has all the details, but here’s a summary:

BrainTap’s power comes from a combo of three elements: the device itself (a headset and visor to stimulate brain waves associated with attention, calm reflection, or deep relaxation); the use of guided meditations to enhance these states; and numerous session modules fostering behavioral and psychological well-being. Modules include “Stress-Free Me”, Wake-up”, “Weight Wellness”, “Optimal Health”, “Go To Sleep” and others.
To see how pleasant and helpful BrainTap is, try it yourself!! Call and we’ll set you up with two free sessions. Also, we’re thrilled to offer a free 15 day trial allowing unlimited access thru a phone app – a great way to hear the programs yourself, or as a complement to in-office sessions with the head set.
Sessions are available on an individual “pay-as-you-go” basis for $20 each, or as a package of 10 for $150.
Come on in to experience a free session, experience how you can feel calmer and more focused, and you’ll likely want to experience more!! Experience BrainTap!!!