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Happy July 2019!

Happy July from Drs. Jacobs, Steckenrider & staff!

We hope you had a fabulous holiday last weekend and that the summer is treating you well so far! Here at the office we've been settling into all the changes we mentioned last month. Dr. S is quickly becoming a part of our team, and we're feeling lucky to have her.

Technology continues to change our culture.  Excessive near work and device use has been implicated in the world-wide increases in myopia.  Now, research suggests all those hours staring at a phone may even be giving us horns! What do you think?

By now, the term “microbiome” is familiar to many, referring to the vast community of micro-organisms that inhabit various parts of our bodies, particularly our gut.  Turns out the eye has a unique microbiome, too. Some day we may have specifically targeted “prob-EYE-otics” to help maintain eye health!

And from the “science fiction is science” department:

1) a contact lens is being developed that will allow you to see like you’re looking with binoculars with just a blink of the eye!

2) how about one with gold in it to protect against light from lasers!!??

Pretty soon we’ll be talking cyborgs!


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