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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring from all of us, plus a newcomer to our family...

But before we introduce her, the really important news:


Also, with spring here and warm weather (hopefully) on the way, it’s time to get outside for the good of your brain, body, spirit, and your eyes…. and especially your kids’ eyes. Outdoor time and exposure to bright, natural light can delay the onset of myopia and potentially slow it down. It can keep body rhythms more regular, enhance social interaction, reduce anxiety and burn calories. And, more time outside means less time staring at a screen. We recommend getting your kids outside a couple of hours a day. And do yourself a favor - get out there and join them!

Besides health benefits, it’s easier to do things outside in the daylight. Before you know it, though, that may be “so early 21st century”. For those who want or need to be on the go in the dark, clear night vision may soon be just an injection away.

And now for some big changes...
We have both a bittersweet "goodbye" and an exciting "hello" to say this month!


Dr Diaz leaving

It is with sadness but best wishes that we will bid a fond adieu to Dr. Martin Diaz come mid-May. Dr. Diaz, Ashley and Julian (soon to be 2 already) will return to Iowa to be closer to family. It’s been great knowing him and working together the past 5 years. All our best wishes on what’s certain to be a productive and fascinating career.

Dr. Jennifer Steckenrider

On the Hello side, we’re excited to introduce Dr. Jennifer Steckenrider. Dr. S, graduating top of her class at Indiana University School of Optometry, will join us in June. Please be sure to give her a warm Blacksburg welcome. More info on this great Doc in the next newsletter.

What a month!! – We also got to celebrate Darlene and Patrick’s wonderful West Virginia wedding last weekend. It took a little while, but now they’re official.

Finally, a little teaser. We may have mentioned BrainTap previously - an audio-visual brainwave entrainment device that’s like taking a 10 to 20 minute mind-spa holiday. We use it to help our TBI patients, but it’s delightful for everyone. We’ll soon be offering sessions in the office – the first one’s free, so ask the staff when you’re in. More info on that next month also.

It’s Mother’s Day soon. Be sure to thank every Mom you know – and give them a kiss (if appropriate) 😊