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Happy March 2019!

Happy March from Drs. Jacobs, Diaz & staff!

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month--so in this month's newsletter, you'll find a lot of useful information about these challenging injuries. They're intricately related to vision and the eyes, and over the past few years, Dr. J has been working with local doctors and hospitals to assist patients recovering from TBIs (traumatic brain injuries.) If you or a loved one is going through this struggle, don't hesitate to reach out!

Mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs), frequently referred to as concussions, are common but their effects often aren’t mild at all. Two to four million occur each year, with about 80% recovering within a couple of weeks. For the rest, however, symptoms can persist for months to years. These are often visual, but not always understood by patients or providers less experienced with mTBIs. Fortunately, as word continues to spread, folks won’t have to suffer as long or travel as far for help.

Authors/survivors like Amy Zellmer, whose blog became a brief book about her experiences, frustrations and recovery, are helping advance this awareness.

It’s easy to see the damage of a broken bone or penetrating injury. TBIs though, especially mild ones, don’t result in visible injury, and can be harder to understand. As they say, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words. If you want a more in depth view, here you go.

For more info about mTBIs, vision and recovery, please see our web pages.
A few great sites for more detailed information and resources include NORA (Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association), Concussion Legacy Foundation, Brain Health Education and Research Foundation, and for local assistance, Brain Injury Services of SWVA.

One high tech gizmo we love ourselves and hope to soon offer our TBI and general patients, is BrainTap: an auditory-visual brain wave entertainment headset. Put on the headphones, drop down the visor, and experience one of hundreds of motivational guided meditations – and Relax and Reboot.

Here's to the coming of springtime--see you next month!

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