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Happy November

In case you forgot...

...our 11th annual Trunk Show and Local Charity Fundraiser is coming up very soon! It's a great way to celebrate the season, have a little fun (and plenty of food) and support the community and some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Please join us on Friday, Nov 16th, from 9-5. Three fashion forward eyewear manufacturers will be represented, offering styles from trad to rad – all at savings of 25% to 50% off. What’s more, we’ll be raising funds for Valley Interfaith Child Care Center (VICCC) and NRV Cares, two fabulous local, child-oriented non-profits. And if you choose to generously donate any of your eyewear related savings that day, we’ll match it for double the impact.

If you read these newsletters, you know we’re passionate about improving health and well-being in whatever ways we can, whether it’s trying to reduce myopia progression, providing information on healthy lifestyles, or spreading the word about prevention and treatment of concussions and other neurological impacts. Here are two interesting articles from the field of body/brain/vision health:

One impact which gets a lot of attention is autism--but it's rare to hear much about its connection with vision. However, vision is affected by and can affect behaviors throughout the spectrum,
and should be more than an afterthought when it comes to care.

A new low tech neck device, the Q-collar, is being studied as a means to protect athletes’ brains from repeated sub-concussive impacts. The pressure of the collar slightly reduces blood flow from the brain, allowing it to be better insulated when impacts occur. The same issue may be the reason dehydration increases the chance of concussion, so always drink plenty of fluids when playing sports – it’s good for your brain as well as for your body.

Finally, this one’s just too weird not to share: an amazing lizard with an eye trick you’ve got to see to believe!

We are wishing everyone a wonderful, peaceful, love-filled Thanksgiving. There are always things to be thankful for and it’s always the time to give thanks. See you in December!