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Happy August

Happy August from Drs. Jacobs, Diaz & staff!

Summer’s the best time to put in place healthy habits – the weather’s warm, there’s plenty of daylight, fresh fruits, veggies and proteins are easy to find, and most people have a little more time away from work – all great ingredients in a recipe for reducing stress, getting exercise and eating well; key components for health and wellness of the eyes, body and mind.

On the eye-side, here are a few recent notes in the news:

As we know, keeping the blood flowing is good in so many ways, for the heart, the brain, and probably every other organ. For the eyes, there’s even a possibility it might reduce glaucoma risk.

Speaking of glaucoma, what you put in your body may also play a role. This article is about the effects of the root turmeric. For the eyes, eating it may not be the best answer, but eye drops formulated with it can protect the optic nerve.

Physical health has a powerful impact on eye health, but we can’t ignore the role of mental health, either. Stress often results from vision loss--but in some cases, it contributes to it also. This study shows that meditation, relaxation techniques and exercise are also important practices for protecting your vision... and they make you feel better too! Now, that’s win-win!!

Finally, healthy life begins best with a healthy childhood. Exercise and outdoor-time provide many benefits, including a reduced chance of becoming nearsighted. Unfortunately, societal currents aren’t always supportive. The explosion of digital device use and the overwhelming impact of social media are contributing to epidemics of visual and social myopia.

Raising children with Healthy Vision, in the ocular as well as broader meaning of that term, is a goal worth pursuing. We hope you’ll join us for a community forum next spring to explore this in greater depth--look for more info on that coming soon!

Have a wonderful August! We'll be in touch next month as the Hokies roll back into town. To see our August Newsletter, click here.