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Happy July

Happy July Everybody!

SO much to report on here...

A Fond Farewell... So long to a long-time part-timer, Daniel Clarke. Daniel’s been with us since early 2014. He’s loved VT and Blacksburg (and us) so much he stretched out his time here, but finally had to graduate. Best of luck Daniel. We’ll miss you. Hope you get that Cartoon Network internship. And thanks for your neat handmade ceramic eyeball. You know how we love that kind of stuff.

And a Special Welcome to our newest staff member Keri Kublnick! Born and raised in Indiana, Keri enjoys cooking, baking, watching movies, playing The Sims 4, and spending time with her family. She is a graduate of Ultimate Medical Academy and Mountain State University. She has a passion for optometry and is looking forward to learning everything she can! In her spare time, you can find Kerry keeping up with her medical coding studies. What could be more fun?!

One subject we've been hearing and thinking about recently is virtual healthcare.

Sometimes called "telehealth," it's the idea of communicating with your doctor - or receiving some kind of a health evaluation - remotely, sometimes using apps. In certain fields technologies are being developed that use a computer algorithm to do the evaluation. It’s been called the “House Call of the 21st century”.

We’re starting to look at how we may be able to use this technology to better serve our patients. Much of what we do will always have to be done - or BEST be done - face to face. But for some appointments, a secure connection and high quality video may help improve efficiency and convenience.

What do you think? Are you interested in using “telehealth”? What kind of visits do you think would be appropriate this way? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to email us at, or post them on our Facebook page.

Telehealth is one example of how yesterday’s (or even today’s) science fiction is tomorrow’s science. Here’s another great example. Research is demonstrating a new, less invasive technique to correct refractive errors…. and maybe even arthritis.

And, here's a piece from Scientific American that sounds like more science fiction: the human eye is now being used to test certain ideas in quantum mechanics, and could eventually help scientists to probe the foundations of that theory.

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