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Happy June!

Happy June, from Drs. Jacobs, Diaz, and staff!

Summertime is in effect so get out there and play! Stock up on sunshine, fresh air, and Vitamin D; Just take care to limit the UV!

Besides aging the skin, ultra-violet light can irritate the eyes, and over time too much exposure can increase the risk for cataracts.

Last month, Dr. Jacobs had the honor of speaking to Carilion Clinic's Brain Injury Support Group, discussing "Eye Health and Visual Changes After Brain Injury".  Around thirty people attended who had been affected by TBIs, stroke, and cancer.  It was inspirational to hear their stories and humbling to provide something to help toward their recovery.  You never know what tomorrow may bring.

We realize we might be getting a little repetitive going on about myopia control each month, but here's a little ditty we hope you'll find almost as cute as we do. After all, myopia control and Ortho-K are a little futuristic, and almost fifty years on (yes, it's been that long...) Space Oddity still feels that way too!

Speaking of futuristic, how about the world’s first 3-D printed cornea?  It’s sort of like a potion from Snape’s class.  Mix a little of this and then some of that, maybe flick your wand, and just squeeze it out like you’re decorating a cake. I can only imagine what other body parts they’re working on...

Looking for a fun summer activity next month?  Check out Dr. Jacobs and his very artistic daughter, Melly, at Downtown Blacksburg’s Art at the Market on Sat July 21.  They’ll have a table showcasing Dr. Jacobs’ photography and note cards and Melly’s amazing drawings.  Just be sure to put on your sunscreen and sunglasses or a cap!

Have a wonderful June, and we'll see you next month!

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