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Happy May!

With the weather (finally!) getting nice and farmers' market stalls filling up, it's also a great time of year to start creating healthier habits for ourselves and our loved ones.

Warm weather means it’s easier to get kids outside to play.  And the more time kids spend outside before they’re nearsighted, the more that nearsightedness is likely to be delayed and reduced (and the physically healthier and more social they’re likely to be – we’ll be telling you soon about a Healthy Child-Healthy Vision community forum we’re planning for the Fall).  Soon a new type of glasses may be around which we can add to our bag of tricks (like special drops, certain kinds of soft contact lenses and orthokeratology) to slow down or stop myopia.

Each month (and every chance we get) we like to talk about how lifestyles affect overall (and ocular) wellbeing, or the lack thereof.  A recent USA Today article discusses 5 healthy habits to add years to your life.  They don’t specifically mention it, but each of these habits also keeps your eyes working better, so you can enjoy life that much more.  And here’s another tasty morsel related to brain and eye health.

With the temperature rising and everything starting to bloom, allergies may be more of an issue, but looking at greenery may actually be good for headaches.  My mother always told me looking at trees and grass was soothing for the eyes. Now, there’s evidence that green light may help with migraines.  Another case of Moms being smarter than you think!

Have a fabulous month! We'll see you in June and please feel free to check out our May Newsletter.