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Happy April!

Happy April from Drs. Jacobs, Diaz, and staff!

You can’t talk lifestyle issues and ocular wellness in April without talking allergies.  Come another week or two, the NRV will be blooming… and many eyes will be itching, red and watering.  Minimizing exposure can help but isn’t always practical- especially if it's dust, mold, pollen and every other natural or man-made airborne particle floating around at this time of year.

BUT nutrition can play a role in easing allergy symptoms (as it plays a role in macular degeneration, dry eye, etc…).  Foods high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, like fruits, vegetables, and fish, won’t stop seasonal allergies, but may help.  Specific OTC and Rx drops can help too. Drs. Jacobs and Diaz are happy to speak with you if you’d like more info.

Drs. J and D are excited about this week’s Vision by Design meeting – it starts today and it's the premier annual conference for those interested in Myopia Control and Orthokeratology.  We’ll update you on the latest in understanding and caring for this common and consequential condition in next month’s newsletter. In the meantime, check out this interview with director/producer, Jane Weiner, about “Losing Sight”, a documentary on myopia planned for release in (what else?) 2020.

To learn more check out our newsletter and have a great April everybody!