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Happy December!

Happy Holidays from Drs. Jacobs, Diaz, and all the staff!

Spreading Joy

Looking for ways to spread the joy and love? Here's a great resource we discovered: the Action for Happiness Kindness Calendar. It's got a "suggested good deed" for every day of December 2017 and it's something you can do any moth of the year really. It would make a great starting point for your new years' resolution. Some examples from the calendar include: "call a relative who is far away," and "leave a happy note for someone to find." Take a look and see how you can increase the joy this year!

Last month's Trunk Show & Fundraiser saw seven patients who donated their eyewear savings to local charities. Our office matched the total donations, and we were able to give $656 each to NRV Cares and VICCC. We were thrilled and we want to extend our thanks to everybody that came out for our big event.

Our Happiest Story Yet

Melissa Ortho KAt 5 years of age, Melisa K is our youngest Orthokeratology patient. Her near-sightedness was advancing rapidly. We’ve begun her in Ortho-K treatment - contact lenses designed to reshape the cornea and slow the progression of myopia.

Melisa is so brave--she handles the uncomfortable parts of the visits to the eye doctor better than lots of adults we know ;) And on top of that, she's a great artist--recently she came in with this lovely "Thank You" note for us! It's certainly the cutest testimonial we’ve ever received!



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