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Home Sweet… Doctor’s office?

stick in eye picI often wonder why Dr. Jacobs hired me. I had no optical experience, and thought a PD was short for physical deficiency. (I have since learned that it means pupillary distance Na Na Na Na  J)  I noticed that this doctor’s office was different, when I came for the interview.  The wood was warm and inviting and I saw something wonderfully different on the walls. There were these pictures that local children had drawn, one said, “I learned not to put a stick in my eye”.

I did a double take, was this really a doctor’s office? It reminded me of a house where everyone is welcome and no one feels out of place. I knew right then that I wanted to work here. Once I met Dr. Jacobs, it only sealed the deal. As I reminisce about my 17 + years here, memories drift through my head. Pictures, like screen shots, replay in my mind. What is my favorite part about working here? Let me count the reasons….. Kind, compassionate, doctors that actually care about their patients – Yes. Competent co-workers that get along and really like each other – That is pleasant. Important and interesting work – Absolutely. The number one reason I love working here is because I LOVE helping people.

happy face  heart of hearts

hugI love to see the smile on someone’s face when I have been able to answer a question, solve a problem, fix broken glasses, teach them to insert and remove contact lenses, or help them find just that right pair of frames. Life is full of enough stress and worries, so if I can give one person just a few minutes of happiness, or contentment, if I can help them solve just one of their many problems throughout the day, then I can say mission accomplished.  The amazing thing is, that I am not alone.  To us, our patients are just like family. We have had people move away to other states but because they couldn’t bear to see someone else, still make time to come to Blacksburg once a year to get their eye exam. We share laughter, tears, and a hug when you need it.

What makes this office more like a home?  It is YOU and there is plenty of room in our house.

As I fallback to my southern roots, I issue you this invitation…

Ya’ll Come!

See you soon cat sunglasses