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Patients Can Be A Pleasure!

Optometrist Christiansburg VAMost of the time, when patients (or even not yet-patients) come in to the office with a missing screw (in their glasses J) or bent frames, we fix them up for free or a minimal fee.  I usually just ask for a smile when asked what the charge is.  I simply enjoy the conversation while doing the repair.

Today, I had the pleasure of a gentleman’s conversation while re-repairing some prior repairs. He had two pairs of glasses he hadn’t been able to wear because of discomfort.  I listened to his chief complaints and was able to fix a variety of headache-inducing problems.  I learned he was even from my neck of the woods!!!… somewhere north of Dallas.  We talked of places we had both been to and how things had changed there.  When both pairs of his glasses were back in working order, he asked what he owed.  My response, “Just a smile and Merry Christmas”.

He insisted on paying something.  So, I told him he could make a donation to our charity jar.  He did.

We collect small bills from repairs and other minimal charges, and eventually donate the funds to a local charity (like the winter homeless men’s shelter “To Our House” or the Blacksburg Children’s Museum).  When I looked, he had slipped two $20s in there!!!  Thank you, kind sir.  I was happy to help you and even happier to have you pay it forward.  That’s what I call the Holiday Spirit, and one of those things that makes my day for the rest of the week.