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“Touch your own eyes”

One of the favorite parts of my job is when I get to tell our patients to touch their own eyes.

Ok, I should probably reiterate that one: Training patients on contact lens insertion and removal.

It's a great time! No, really, when you think about it in the long-run, it's a phenomenal process. I will elaborate.

We've been taught since we were toddlers (or younger) that it's typically not a good idea to touch our eyes. Aside from injury and germ transmission, there are numerous folks out there with legit eye-phobias (ommetaphobia), though I seriously doubt anyone with a phobia that severe would ever consider contacts. On a lesser level, it's still commonplace for people think that it's "weird" to touch eyeballs.

Teaching people the process of putting in and taking out contacts is immensely gratifying. Seeing their uncertainty and nervousness at the beginning of training compared to how confident and proud they are afterward is just amazing. It's possible that this is a mixture of their success and the fact the world can now see their face without glasses (not that there's anything wrong with glasses... we're big fans of those things here). Either way, we are always as thrilled as the patient is.

In addition to training, our patients receive instructions on wear-time, ordering, and caring for their contact lenses. We'll happily address any other questions as well. Oftentimes, the patient will receive more than one brand of lens to try out for a week or two to see which performs better for them. When it’s a new type of lens for the patient, or a bit of a different power, we always schedule a follow-up appointment at no separate cost, so the doctor can be sure the overall comfort and optics are suitable, and then finalize the prescription.

If you are interested in discussing contacts lens wear, you are more than welcome to set up a time to come and see us.
We're always happy to have you here!