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This Holiday Season Select Children’s Gifts that are Eye Safe

The holidays are right around the corner which means dolls, radio controlled airplanes, and Leapster Explorers. Well intentioned mothers and fathers love surprising the young ones with the newest toys to start off the New Year.
It is important that family members instruct others about some guidelines about toys and eye safety. Accidents with unsafe toys and games may take place, occasionally resulting in damage to eyes, or even blindness.

Here are some tips to guard kids from toy related harm:

  1. Remember, developmentally suitable toys only! Don't permit younger siblings to play with toys and games made for older brothers or sisters.

  2. Show children the safe way to play with toys. Before play, if possible inspect new toys and games for sturdy, safe construction.

  3. Watch small children while they play.

  4. Prevent eye injuries by tossing out toy or games with pointed tips or projectiles, such as BB guns.

Before you purchase that new toy that your child has been pleading with you for, take a few minutes to check toy safety guidelines. Anyone who has ever watched ''A Christmas Story'' should have learned that already. Happy Holidays to all.