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 8th Annual Eyewear Trunk Show and Local Charity Fundraiser coming up soon!!
This November, Friday the 13th will be your LUCKY day.  The only things scary will be how much fun you'll have and how much $$ you'll save.  We'll have 3 special vendors and 100s of frames.  All eyewear will be 25% to 50% off.  Help us help NRV Cares and VICCC, 2 local, child oriented non-profits serving some of our most vulnerable community members.  
Donate any savings that day and we'll match it!!  
Plus, we'll have loads of delicious food, doorprizes and more.  
Come on in.  You'll be glad you did!!   

 At Dr. Steve Jacobs, Optometrist, it's our mission to keep the eyes of Blacksburg and the NRV healthy, seeing clearly and looking great.   Whether you need sunglasses, anti-allergy eye drops, the latest in contact lenses, or just want to have fun trying on our great selection of eyeglasses, we're the eye doctors to see in Blacksburg, VA!!!

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We're right across from the Virginia Tech campus at 620 N Main.  
We feature Crizal Anti-Reflection lenses, Silhouette Eyewear and the whole family of Alcon-Ciba contact lenses, among other hi-tech and top quality lines.

Q&A with Dr. J

Dr. Steve Jacobs Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Is there any real “Treatment” for nearsightedness?

So far, not much, but it’s certainly being studied since we are in an epidemic of nearsightedness or myopia. Besides needing to wear glasses, increased myopia is associated with higher risks of glaucoma, macular degeneration and other retinal problems as one ages. “Eye exercises” may improve focusing efficiency and various aspects of visual perception, but have never been shown effective in reducing or slowing myopia. Glasses compensate and make things clearer but also aren’t “corrective”. Laser eye surgery (LASIK) can correct myopia, but only after it has occurred and stabilized. It doesn’t reduce the eye health risks of myopia, and carries certain risks of its own.

On the positive side, recent research indicates that more outdoor time during the childhood years when myopia typically develops is related to less nearsightedness, even if children read a lot when inside. Nobody knows exactly why this is so yet, but it may be related to the bright light of outdoors and/or the different focusing demands when outdoors versus in. Studies have also shown that specifics of how light is focused on the back of the eye may induce the eye to grow and become more nearsighted. New contact lens designs and fitting protocols are being developed to slow this down. We’ll certainly hear more about this and other approaches in the next few years.

Read Dr. Jacobs' latest article in New River Valley magazine "Summertime, and the seeing is easy…."

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