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 As we've mentioned, our Trunk Show was a great success, raising $560 for both 
NRV Cares and VICCC.  Our Best of Blacksburg Raffle did pretty well too, raising another $700+ for each groupl and their vital programs
Thank you to all the local businesses who donated items and to everyone who contributed !

 At Dr. Steve Jacobs, Optometrist, it's our mission to keep the eyes of Blacksburg and the NRV healthy, seeing clearly and looking great.   Whether you need sunglasses, anti-allergy eye drops, the latest in contact lenses, or just want to have fun trying on our great selection of eyeglasses, we're the eye doctors to see in Blacksburg, VA!!!

 Help us say "Mission Accomplished" 

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We're right across from the Virginia Tech campus at 620 N Main.  
We feature Crizal Anti-Reflection lenses, Silhouette Eyewear and the whole family of Alcon-Ciba contact lenses, among other hi-tech and top quality lines.

Q&A with Dr. J

Dr. Steve Jacobs Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Why do some animals see better than people at night?

A cat is a good example. Although, even with a cat there has to be some light. (A few animals, such as snakes, can actually see prey in, what is to humans, complete darkness by the heat they give off.) A couple of parts of cats eyes are responsible for their excellent night vision. There are two types of cells in the eye that respond to light, rods and cones. Cones help people see colors and details, but need a certain amount of light to do this, whereas rods are stimulated by much less light. Cats do not have cones, and so do not see in color or with much detail, but are more responsive to movement even in dim surroundings (which comes in very handy if you want to see a mouse scurry across the kitchen floor at midnight). Also, the inside of cats eyes are lined with a shiny surface which amplifies any light that comes in further allowing them to see in the (almost) dark.

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