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 At Dr. Steve Jacobs, Optometrist, it's our mission to keep the eyes of Blacksburg and the NRV healthy, seeing clearly and looking great.   Whether you need sunglasses, anti-allergy eye drops, the latest in contact lenses, or just want to have fun trying on our great selection of eyeglasses, we're the eye doctors to see!!!

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We're right across from the Virginia Tech campus at 620 N Main.  
We feature Crizal Anti-Reflection lenses, Silhouette Eyewear and the whole family of Alcon-Ciba contact lenses, among other hi-tech and top quality lines


Q & A with Dr. J.

Dr. Jacobs answers our patient's questions about about eye care and vision conditions. This month, with Spring in the Air, the topic is "Color Blindness:

Q.- What does it mean to be color blind?

A. from Dr. J. - There are a number of different kinds of “color blindness”.  The most common involves difficulty seeing a difference between reds and greens.  They all appear kind of brownish.  This type is hereditary, stable, and much more common in males than females.  Typically, it will skip a generation.  It arises from the lack of a certain type of color receptor in the eye, and can vary from mild to very strong.  Its greatest impact is that it might disqualify one from certain occupations.  Special contact lenses will not cure it, but may help one discriminate between colors. Less common is blue-yellow deficiency.  This is usually acquired due to disease or injury.  Least common is the absence of all color receptors.  This kind of color blindness results in fairly blurred vision and seeing only shades of grey.  

Although not really related to color blindness, color vision is always much less sensitive in dim light.  It is also reduced when one develops cataracts, and in general when people reach their 70s and 80s.


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