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Serving Blacksburg, Christiansburg and NRV since 1990

Does studying make your eyes sore?
Fussing with contact lenses getting to be a chore?
Are your old glasses just a bore?
Eye allergies make you want to roar?

Fear not, my friends.  Relief is in sight.
We'll soothe your eyes, make them feel right;
Help them to glitter and sparkle and shine.
So, see us today, to see and look fine!!

At Dr. Steve Jacobs, Optometrist, it's our mission to keep the eyes of Blacksburg and the NRV healthy, seeing clearly and looking great.   Whether you need sunglasses, anti-allergy eye drops, the latest in contact lenses, or just want to have fun trying on our great selection of eyeglasses, we're the eye doctors to see in Blacksburg, VA!!!

 Help us say "Mission Accomplished" Schedule an eye exam today!! 

We're right across from the Virginia Tech campus at 620 N Main.  
We feature Crizal Anti-Reflection lenses, Silhouette Eyewear and the whole family of Alcon-Ciba contact lenses, among other hi-tech and top quality lines.

Q&A with Dr. J

Dr. Jacobs Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Q. – I wear contact lenses, but now I’m having trouble seeing clearly to read things up close.  What can I do?  I still want to wear my lenses.

A. – Basically, there are three choices.  One is a pair of reading glasses to use over the contact lenses.  This will clear near things up quite well, but there is the inconvenience of having to put the glasses on, and the fact that they will make anything further away blurry.  Another option is what’s called monovision, where one eye is set with a contact lens to see things clearly far away and the other eye is fit with a lens to see up close.  As strange as it sounds this works pretty well for about 80% of people for about 80% of activities.  Finally, there are some very good multifocal contact lenses available these days, as long as you don’t have much astigmatism (uneven curvature of the eye).  All these options have pros and cons, and like most things in life involve some compromise.  I’ll go over all the details of what might work best for you after your eye exam, and then you can evaluate them during a trial period.

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